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Best Calc for UIQ3 is updated to v.1.03

Feb 07, 2007

Best Calc allows you to perform all basic calculations as well as all common scientific functions in fast and easy way. Intuitive keyboard design provides efficient access to lots of functions without having to access menus or lists. Standard, scientific and finger-tap modes. Designed to work just like it is - a really powerful calculator!

What's new in v.1.03

  • Fixed the problem with lack of stack that caused unstable work of application on some devices.

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Best Converter for UIQ3 is updated to v.1.01

Feb 07, 2007

Best Converter is the fast and easy way to convert almost anything to anything else. Over 1100 units in 67 categories. Great looking and eye appealing design, built-in intuitive keyboard and easy-to-use interface.

What's new in v.1.01

  • Fixed the problem with lack of stack that caused unstable work of application on some devices.

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Best Birthday for S60 3rd edition is updated to v 1.03

Feb 07, 2007

Best Birthday is a useful utility that helps you to organize and to view anniversaries in a handy way: monthly anniversaries view of contacts found in Calendar and Contacts applications, ability to perform fully customizable export of anniversaries from Contacts to Calendar and much more.

What's new in Best Birthday 1.03:

  • Updated for Nokia Series 60 FP3 N70/N90;

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Best Notes for UIQ3 is available

Feb 06, 2007

Best Notes allows to jot down notes, memos, ideas and any piece of information, organise, categorize, protect and encrypt them with password if needed, intelligent search and export/import to a text file to be viewed or edited on PC.

You can use the application as a quick and easy storage location for any piece of information. You can create text notes and organise them into folders. You can search for the note to find the information you need fast. You can keep your sensitive information as notes as well. Just set up a password in the application and the application will encrypt all your data and will ask for the password when you or someone else try to access it. You can export and back up your notes. Just export your notes to a text file that you can transfer to PC. Even more, format of this file is very simple and you can edit file on PC in any text editor or Excel. Also you can transfer the file back to the device and import it to the application.

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