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One key to instantly type one complete phrase

SnippetKeys is a keyboard extension designed to save your time. It expands iPhone or iPad keyboard with custom text snippets.

Snippet is a piece of text or a phrase that you type often. These can be email addresses, signatures, billing info, message replies, business emails and canned responses, favorite emojis, current date/time, locations and directions or any other texts you use frequently.

Your snippet is a button on SnippetKeys keyboard now. One key for one snippet, one key to instantly type one complete phrase. In SnippetKeys configuration application you can create as many keys as you want, organize them by pages and drag-and-drop to arrange.

The keyboard extension contains all added snippets and is accessible in all applications just like the standard keyboard. To use the keyboard extension you need to enable it first:

1. Open Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards
2. Select “Add New Keyboard”
3. Locate and select SnippetKeys

SnippetKeys is a utility keyboard and it doesn’t replace the standard one. You can use the standard keyboard for normal typing and quickly swap to SnippetKeys to insert canned phrases with one tap.


We never transmit your snippets data or whatever you type off your device. All data is stored locally and will not leave your phone. Also, SnippetKeys keyboard extension does not require full access. It means everything you type is secured by iOS as well.

Available for iPhones and iPads:

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