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Outliner, note manager and information safe

DataGist is an information manager: outliner, note and list manager, and a safe for your private data. All-in-one powerful productive application with well thought-out, elegant and distraction free UI.


  • Fresh, distraction free UI
  • Organizes your data in outline structure
  • Structured writing
  • Encrypts documents you’d prefer to keep private
  • Shares documents between your devices with dropbox
  • Filtering (search) support
  • Item content zoom
  • Text and paragraph styles
  • Library management
  • Copies documents between local and dropbox storage
  • Exports documents as dynamic HTML to view in any browser
  • 500+ icons to mark your items (courtesy of Icons8)
  • Light and dark UI modes


If you choose to set up password, the document will be encrypted using AES128 algorithm. Because DataGist is a safe for your private information, there are no backdoors. DataGist does not store or can not reset your password. This is designed to assure no one (including app developers) obtains or hacks your passwords from DataGist. Your password is never stored anywhere except in your position - it is up to you to keep your password safe. If you forgot your password, you will not be able to access your password protected document!

Whether you are organizing your private information, taking notes, or making lists DataGist is for you.

Available for iPhones and iPads:

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