Character Map


Keyboard for entering special characters

Character Map is a tool and keyboard extension for viewing and entering special characters such as currency and math symbols, arrows, bullets, emoji, etc.

You can configure which section you want to be visible on the keyboard and also set up your own custom categories with glyphs you use frequently.

Keyboard extension contains all enabled symbols and is accessible in all applications just like standard keyboard. To use keyboard extension you need to enable it first:

1. Open Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards
2. Select “Add New Keyboard”
3. Locate and select Character Map

Character Map is a utility keyboard and it doesn’t replace the standard one. You can use standard keyboard for normal typing and quickly swap to Character Map to insert special symbols.


We never transmit your data or whatever you type off your device. All data is stored locally and will not leave your phone. Also, Character Map keyboard extension does not require full access. It means everything you type is secured by iOS as well.

Available for iPhones and iPads:

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