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Show your love, express your emotions and share feelings.

LED Machine allows creating nice looking animated or static messages, banners, presentations and visual chats. It uses different animation effects, customizable speed, selectable fonts and sizes, configurable LED size, shape and color, flow control and full support for all device orientations.

6 animation effects:

  • Typewriter: the text is "typed" letter by letter;
  • Creeping line: scrolling text;
  • Bottom-up: one page of the text is rotated into the next one by moving up.
  • Manual: scrolling line - just drag and move the message horizontally with your finger to show someone a static text or control the flow manually
  • Multi lines - the message is wrapped into multiple lines and scrolled vertically
  • Manual: multi lines - drag and move multilined message vertically and each line horizontally with your finger to show someone multi lined static text.

Chatting friendly
"Quick message" function allows you to create a message just in a few taps - designed for chatting with someone.

Message organizer
You can create messages or banners, set up their look and feel (animation effect and its speed, font name and its size, LED size, shape, color, etc) and save them to use later. Just pre-create a number of messages and play them just in one tap when the right moment comes.

Message look and feel:

  • Message text: a text to be displayed. Can be as long as you need;
  • Animation effect: select one of 4 animation effects here;
  • Animation speed: set up how fast the text to be scrolled, moved, typed, etc;
  • Font name: you can use any font that your device supports;
  • Font size: set up how large you want the message to be.
  • LED size: the smaller the led size is the more LEDs are used for one letter - the smaller the LED is the more detailed the letter is, so the larger the LED is the rougher the letters are.
  • LED color: just select any color you like here.
  • LED shape: customize a single LED look here.
  • Background color: display color
  • Repeat: set up here if the program should repeat the message again after displaying it once
  • Vibrate when done: the application can use vibration to bring your attention that the message is already displayed (if your device supports vibration)
  • Start delay: if you want to make some delay before displaying the message just set it up here.

Available for iPhones and iPads:

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