At Smartphoneware we create mobile software. We enjoy building successful apps that people will use, apps that make the difference, apps that top the charts.

iOS and Android Age

Since year 2011 we have concentrated all our efforts on iOS and Android platforms.

We’ve had our apps featured in the Apple App store. Our projects have topped paid and free charts in multiple countries and languages. Some of our apps managed to get over 1 million downloads each, and it’s only a beginning.

Check out our latest titles on our web page.

Symbian and WM age

Founded in 2002, Smartphoneware, also known as Symbianware before year 2005, has provided hundreds of software titles for Symbian OS - Nokia S60 and S80, UIQ, UIQ3 and Windows Mobile 5/6.

For 10 years we have developed software to enhance telephony functions, content organisers, PIMs, security solutions, compressing tools, desktop applications, DBMS applications, developing tools, programming languages, and games.

Our software solutions were made for consumers, businesses, and even phone manufactures such as Nokia, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson.

You might not hear much about Symbian these days, but it’s impossible to miss priceless experience in mobile market that Smartphoneware has inherited from it.

All our products for legacy platforms are distributed for free, and can be downloaded here.