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Fun Flash for Symbian^3 version 1.02

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An application combining an advanced torch, a Morse transmitter and a siren.

Fun Flash screenshot

An application combining an advanced torch, a Morse transmitter and a siren.

Fun Flash for Symbian^3 features:

  • Torch - allows specifying the color of the on-screen torch as well as using the red or the white flash as the source of light;
  • Morse transmitter - can be used for sending our messages as well as learning the Morse code;
  • Siren - allows imitating police, fire-engine, ambulance alarms and others.
Main application view

Main application view allows to switch to Torch, Siren or Morse view

Torch view

Torch start view

Morse transmitter

Morse transmitter configuration and launcher view


Siren selection and start view

How does it work:

The main view of the application offers a choice of three functions: Torch, Morse or Siren. After you choose a function, a corresponding view appears with advanced settings and a Start button activating the respective functionality of the software.

What is Morse code?

Morse code is a type of character encoding as dots, dashes and pauses.

International Morse code is composed of five elements (units being time spans):

  • short mark, dot or 'dit' (.) - one unit long
  • longer mark, dash or 'dah' (-) - three units long
  • intra-character gap (between the dots and dashes within a character) - one unit long
  • short gap (between letters) - three units long
  • medium gap (between words) - seven units long

You can learn more about the Morse code in Wikipedia: Morse code

Attention! The flashlight as the source of white light is only available on Series 60 3rd edition Feature Pack 2 and Series 60 5th edition devices.

15-days fully functional demo version

File: funflash_s60_5x_3x_s3_v_1_02_sw.sisx Download size: 593.15 KB File format: SISX (Symbian installation) Target platforms: Symbian^3 Languages: English, German, Russian
sisx file

15-days fully functional demo version

File: Download size: 593.35 KB File format: ZIP Target platforms: Symbian^3 Languages: English, German, Russian
zip file

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Compatible devices: Nokia C6, Nokia C7, Nokia E7, Nokia N8


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Current version:1.02


Last updated:2010-09-23


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